In Appreciation

Michael Strauss – entrepreneur, industrialist, family man, leader

Michael Strauss, 86, was one of the most significant and influential founders and developers of the Israeli industry in general and of the food industry in particular. His activities in this sector were a valued contribution to the development and prosperity of the State of Israel, and helped create the healthy and sustainable growth of the Israeli economy and business sector.

Michael Strauss was a member of the Israel Export Institute from the begining of the of the 1970's

His relentless motivation to improve himself and others, his curiosity to learn about people's needs, and his desire to be at the forefront of the food technology, along with his spirit of entrepreneurship and business innovation, imbued the Israeli industry with energy and creativity and transformed it into an advanced industry on a global scale.

Michael played an important role in the rise of the industry in Israeli and in Israeli innovation globally. Throughout the years Michael saw fit to promote not only Strauss Group, but also its business environment out of a belief that a thriving business environment would produce real value for the State of Israel. From this perspective he always acted for the welfare of the farmers, suppliers, employees and community as a whole.

Under his leadership and management, Strauss grew to become the second largest food manufacturer in Israel and one of the leading companies in the Israeli economy. Thanks to the vision of Michael Strauss, the group even broke local barriers, expanding globally as an innovative food and beverage company that currently operates in 20 countries. The infrastructure that he created, as well as values, culture and spirit are and will continue to be a major part of the Strauss Way.

Throughout his years in the company and moreover, following his retirement, Michael was involved in public and community service, largely for the development of the peripheral areas of Israel in general, and of the Galilee and the northern region of Israel where he was born and raised  in particular. Until his last day he worked vigorously to for the development and promotion of the city of Acre, situated near the town of Nahariya where Strauss Group started out 80 years ago. He worked to improve the lives of its residents, convinced businesspeople to invest in the city, opened factories and places of employment, supported culture, music and other services for the welfare of the residents. Michael was well-recognized, receiving numerous awards and prizes, especially for management excellence and for his significant and long-lasting contribution to the development of the Israeli industry and economy, the Galilee and the promotion of the city of Acre.  

Michael was a true believer in the spirit of humankind, in coexistence and peace, and we believe his spiritual legacy is to continue to relentlessly instill the values of tolerance, diversity and equality.

Michael is survived by his three children - Ofra Strauss, Chairperson of Strauss Group, Irit Strauss-Koffler and Adi Strauss, the current chairperson of Strauss Holdings company, and has served in this role for the past six years,12 grandchildren and two great grandchildren.


May his memory be a blessing